Making coils is another way of adding energy. So in all of my organized pieces, there are different kinds of that I make. They have names, but they vary. I make coils in different colors out of copper, out of steel, metal, and alloys. It doesn’t matter. The importance is in shape.

Different size coils, different colors.

Now, from what I understand from some of the testings we’ve done, is the key that when you make these coils that they have the right flow in a way that they are round because if you wind them the wrong way again, the way that the energy then flows, it could be countable. There’s a bit of a trick.

They have to be made in a precise pattern. If you interrupt that pattern, you interrupt the energy flow, and it won’t work. And we can easily test that by well, I don’t have one here right now, but instead of coiling it in this way, coil it the opposite way, and then test it, and you’ll see that it won’t work.

It’s similar to we showed it on one of our previous videos where Jackie.

Was wearing a scarf.

I think it was Jackie who was wearing the scarf and put it on.

One way, and energy in the body.

Flow from left to right. So if you wear a scarf, if you put the scarf from left to right, it’s good energy. If you wear it from right to left around your neck, it depletes the energy.

So it’s all about, again, the designs and the energy flow, and it flows.

Doesn’t matter if it’s copper or whatever. It’s even on our clothing.

Designs, patterns, everything has energy.