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“The Lemurian Plug is charged with an ancient technology that was reportedly given to Geoffrey Radford by a Lemurian more than 30 years ago. Many of our customers believe that imbues it with special healing powers. So do we, based on our own experience!” — Janet and Jim

Enjoy this conversation with Reinhard Stanjek.


So here is what the Lemurian plug looks like. Just a little plastic container with some resistors and diodes and a plate and a few wire connections. And there’s a look like what? You can plug something in here, here, but it’s disconnected. It doesn’t serve a useful purpose. So don’t plug anything in there. Nothing works. It’s disconnected. It’s also disconnected from that. Plugging that into an outlet is just a convenient way to get the plate inside here that has been charged by the master plate crystallized to get it near the wires in the wall. And the frequencies from this plate, because it’s near the electrical wires inside the wall, will transfer into the wire and make a complete circuit till it reaches the meter again. And it used to take 48 hours to charge the entire house. Now, for some reason, it’s down to about 24 hours a day. After a day, your entire living space will be charged beneficially, and positively with these frequencies.

Right. So when you say that the whole house has been charged, how are you determining that? Is this information?

People douse it. They doused before, and it’s a negative spin after the house is charged, and they douse again, everything in the house has a positive spin. No more negative. The entire living environment has been changed positively to a positive environment. You don’t have to plug it in because there’s no electrical connection when you plug it in. Really, it’s just a convenient way to get this thing next to the wall. You can just tape it next to the wall, not to an outlet. It will work the same way in Europe. You can’t use that. They have 220 in Europe. So that would overheat because it makes a contact with 120 volts in there. And it’s safe because it’s geared for 120 volts. But it really doesn’t make electrical contact as such. It’s just a convenient way to get it near the copper wires in your wall so it can piggyback the frequencies into the wire.

So why do you think it’s happening so much faster now that it’s making the whole house positive in 24 hours?

A good question. I don’t have an answer only by people who have been experimenting and testing it from when Jeffrey first started testing it. He tested it on coffee, which is the most difficult to get a positive spin out of. Coffee will always have a negative spin, even after. And it took two days of charging the house and the coffee for the coffee to stop being negative and get a positive spin. But then people started experimenting with that, and they said, no, it doesn’t take two days anymore. I tested it, and then it takes about a day now. So Jeffrey said, well, perhaps, I don’t know. You guys are the experimenters.

How long has this been around?

It’s been around for essentially 30 years, but it hasn’t become active only since 2016. And it’s an interesting story of how that happened. Jeffrey had been sitting on this because he’s not a retailer, he doesn’t know anything about that. He couldn’t convincingly tell anybody about this, that they would take him seriously. So he just sort of sat on it. And as the universe often happens, when the time is right, something will happen. Somebody will come into your life. And what happened was exactly that. He was in a hot pool one day and he had this necklace with two triangles, of different colors. And this lady walks by and she picked up on the energy. So she stopped and asked him, he was sitting in a hot pool, said, would you mind if I ask you about the necklace you’re wearing? I’m feeling the energy from that. So he started talking about these energies. So he said, Well, I’ve got a plug that transmits these energies, but I can’t sell them and I haven’t tried to. And the lady says, I’m going to have a meeting of ladies and I want you to show up with them, bring some and give a talk, give a talk about what this is about and let’s see what happens.

So he went and these ladies went crazy. They listened to his talk and they got it immediately. He said, oh, we’d like to buy one. He had about 30 of them. He says within about less than ten minutes, he had sold all 30 of them. And he could have sold more of them. The women are more intuitive. They hear a story and they have an intuitive way of internalizing whether you’re messing with them or whether it’s the truth you’re speaking to them. Men are more logical, and scientific. Do they want to know how does this work? And it’s hard to get past a lot of men with that mindset. But the women, they bypass that. They go straight into the right side of the brain and they work with intuition, with their gut feeling, and they know a BS. Or when somebody opens their mouth and talks to them. They’re built that way. There’s a reason because they have to look after the children. They have to raise the children. They have a very important job to do in this world. The men have to go out and kill the boar and drag them home, you see?

So women are built naturally. They have this intuitive response that is, for those who practice it, it’s a powerful instrument, you know, when they learn to use it properly. Have you tried to open it? Yeah, there are pictures on YouTube. Guys have opened it. Nothing there. Nothing there. Just some diodes, some resistors, a few wires are connected to the diodes, and the resistors a plate, you know, nothing there. So people tested the logical, the scientific oh, this is a scam. Well, yeah, if you look at it that way, absolutely. But you won’t convince me and 5000 other people that it’s not a scam. And it’s $35 in the States, plus $7 shipping. It’s a pretty cheap scam if you’re going to be scammed. A lot of people have been scammed for a lot more than that. So take a chance and see what happens. It’s not a scam. I’ve been messing with it now for several years. Jeffrey died on October 17. We’re into almost October 19. He’s almost been dead for two years. And he’s the guy who intrigued me when I came across him. So it neutralizes all toxins. Wow. If it didn’t do anything else, it would be a godsend, because we have toxins everywhere.

So as a result of that, I neutralize all my drinking water and all the food that comes into the house. I have old cell phones strategically placed all over. I bet you I’ve got ten or twelve and I buy new ones for $15 off eBay. You know, little card phones, cell phones. And I don’t care that it’s a cell phone. I’m just interested in does it hold a charge. And I can put another cell phone on there and put the charge into the cell phone. Now it has the charge, I can put it on my food, I can drop it into my shopping basket.

So you’re saying that those phones are picking up that frequency?

Yes. And hold it.

Hold it because it can hold a battery charge?

No, it works. There’s a cellular component.


And it takes a battery to power that cellular component. And when that is present, the frequencies will be held by the cell phone. It won’t work on let’s say there are tablets that are cell phone tablets, cell tablets, and WiFi tablets. It won’t work on a WiFi tablet.


Yeah, it has to have that cellular component. If it’s a cell phone or a cellular tablet, it will hold the frequency. If the tablet is only WiFi, it will not hold the frequency. So there’s something don’t ask me. Jeffrey didn’t know. We don’t know. This is from a technology that’s way, way, way beyond us. Now, that’s an interesting question. Jeffrey said that they had given the Lemurian plug to MIT professors to figure out how and why this works. So they messed around with it and they came back. Do you know what the answer was? We know it works, but we can’t tell you why it works. We do not have the technology or the science that can prove this, but we know it works. MIT is about as big as you can get in science. Those guys know what they’re talking about. I said it works, but we can’t tell you. It’s almost embarrassing for a scientist to admit that. So what intrigued me was thank you. If it neutralizes toxins, it’s going to be my friend, because they’re everywhere. And I neutralize all my water, all my food. Everything touched is activated with the frequencies here.

Right now, there are over 5000 of these units around the world are being used but far more because people give their friends their cell phones, marry them, put one on the other and they’re doing it. So there are more than 5000, but there are more than 5000 actual units that have been sold. But the effect of this is far greater than 5000. And eventually, we’re going to reach the point hopefully where we reach the tipping point where enough people, the hundredth monkey syndrome, okay, where we tip to the positive and waves and waves of people are going to catch on with this and start using it. Because why wouldn’t you? It’s inexpensive. It works. Experiment with yourself. One caution since each of us is unique, what works for one person may not work at all or to the same extent when another person tries it. So you have to experiment with what works for you. Because there’s only one of you in the universe, not two of you. So what works for you? You have to find out what works best for you. I have a cell phone tucked in my waistband here, and have for a year or more.

It’s an old I four-cell phone. Doesn’t work, takes a charge. The frequencies are in it. So I tuck it in the morning when I dress, put it in my waistband, and forget about it. I put it in there. I have no lower back pains. What is that worth to a person who has lower back pains? So get an old cell phone that nothing on it works anymore, except it still holds a bit of a charge. Even if it doesn’t hold a full charge. Don’t worry about it because you can shut it off. You can shut it once you charge it or if it has a charge, shut the cell phone off and it’ll hold that charge because you’re not using anything. It’ll work with the cell phone shut off. So I have my phones, I check them every three, four, five months and I turn them on and my God, most of them still have a full charge in them. Well because they’re turned off but they’re working. Another device that people who have health issues is when they get a Lemurian plug in Canada, it’s $65 to your door depending on what the exchange rate is.

Okay? So by the time, it’s 35 in the States, plus $7 US converted to Canadian funds and shipping, it’s about sixty-three dollars to sixty-five dollars Canadian to arrive at your door. Then you plug it in. After you’ve charged your phone, you plug it in and leave it there. Just leave it there permanently. Put it in an out-of-way socket where you don’t plug anything else in. Forget about it. Now if you have an issue and you’re watching television, you’re sitting on the couch, you got a plug outlet near you somewhere and you have a problem in your knee, pain in your knee. Get a 15-foot extension cord or any length. Plug the extension cord into an outlet. Wrap the extension cord around where it hurts in your leg five, or six times. Each time you do a wrap, it increases the effectiveness. So if you have five or six wraps, then leave it there. Watch your TV program. Whatever you do, it will put those frequencies and that healing modality, and very likely the pain will subside within half an hour. But you have to experiment. I’ve told people to do that and they said, it works.

I said you’re this scientist, you have to experiment with that. You’re not limited in any way to how you can and want to use this. You’re only limited by your imagination. I, for example, had an I’m sitting on the computer and I went as that and I went, I have a tooth. You get a what do you call it?

A toothache.

Not a toothache, but a wisdom tooth, like a shooting pain. A shooting pain. Tooth sensitivity. I said, oh, where did that come from? So I picked up my cell phone and I put it on my cheek. After 15 minutes, the sensitivity was gone and it hasn’t come back.


So experiment. Experiment. Put it on your head, put it beside your ear, I don’t care. Experiment. You can’t harm yourself in any way, ever. It can only do good two things neutralizes all toxins, and makes everything that is man-made better.