Question: Can you make a pendant for my nine-year-old son? I got the pocket orgonite, but the pendant is ideal for him. The store sold out a pendant.

Answer: these pendants are new designs. Reinhardt just produced this in the last couple of weeks. Now that the weather is also improving, it’s getting warmer, he’s getting more production. Wintertime, it’s a little bit more difficult because the resin has to set that the temperature is not there, it slows them down a bit. So, yes, we can certainly in good questions about children. We know they lose things, so probably pendant would be the best answer.

Children are very much attracted to this energy. Whenever someone is displaying or going generators at a mall or at a fair, the children’s automatically are attracted to it and they drag their mums.

I suppose even if you had pets, you could put it on dogs.

Well, you don’t even have to put it on the pet as such. You can. But if you have this energy in your living space, it’ll be fine. The pets and the plants and the people all benefit from it.