Science is really we followed this Newtonian model from whatever, one five hundred s to now. That’s what people being basically locked in there are. A whole thing about science is based on that. Whereas actually it’s kind of moved on now, how the whole quantum field is just overtaken, but a lot of people are just left in the dark about that.

Well, the Newtonian model is actually quite easy to understand. If you look at the universe as a machine, it’s made up of individual parts. And the thinking was that, well, if one part breaks down, we’ll just go in there and replace that part and the machine will click on and keep on working. Well, with quantum physics that threw that all out the window. No, that’s not how the universe works at all. It is now. There is no past, there is no future. There’s only the infinitesimal now.

Everything is happening now and it’s really difficult for people to get their head around that because we live in a world where there’s a beginning and an end and we’re somewhere in between and we bought into that model and it’s really difficult when someone comes along and says, no, that’s really not how it works. We have a beginning and we have an end, but we don’t understand what that is at all. We don’t know beginnings and ends. All we can comprehend, all we can understand is what’s in front of us right now. And if we concentrate and spend more time dealing with the now, with the moment, life would be so much better.

Because you can’t do anything that’s in the past.

You can’t do anything that’s in the future. What you have control over, possibly, is what’s in the now. So why don’t we put the energy and the effort into the now where we can do something about it, right? Instead of worrying about something that’s happened. It’s happened. It’s over.

Nothing you can do about it.

So the Newtonian model is a machine world made up of parts.

It no longer serves our quantum field energy.