When you put crystals inside the resin, the crystals have the ability to transform, transmute this chaotic energy, which is unbalanced, and it turns positive.

Orgone generators work with frequencies, and frequencies are all around us, but some of those frequencies are negative, and some frequencies are positive. We’re always in a battle with negative frequencies because they interfere with our electrical being. Since people are electrical, we respond to negative frequencies, some people much more harshly, and others, well, they say that they don’t even feel it, but everyone is affected by them. So an orgone generator gathers frequencies, especially the negative ones. But all frequencies, because the resin is an organic substance. It attracts the negative frequencies and the metal inside it repels them. So you have attraction-repulsion at very high frequencies. And this is chaotic energy, this is unstructured energy. And when you put crystals inside the resin, the crystals have the ability to transform and transmute this chaotic energy, which is unbalanced. And the crystals have the ability to smooth and balance it and it turns positive. It becomes good balance frequencies, which all living things respond to positively. Plants, animals, and humans want more of this good balance frequency because we’re surrounded by too many negative frequencies.

So anything that brings us into balance is helpful and beneficial. And essentially that’s what these do.

I play classical music and I get into a balanced mental state. I can’t be disturbed, I can’t be thinking seriously about a problem that’s nagging me. It won’t work very well. You should not be working with these energies when you’re in that state. So you have to be in a good frame of mind and a positive frame of mind. Then I do invocations to Saint Germain, and then I will soon know that I’m in the right frequency, in the right state of mind when I start working with him. Because things don’t fly out of my hand or I don’t drop them, or I don’t spill resin or all sorts of nasty things begin to happen. And when that happens, it’s telling me that you’re not in the right state of mind. Don’t do it right now.

Do you think other orgone makers are aware of this?

I think most orgonite makers actually are aware of that when they’re working with these energies. Not all of them, perhaps, but I think most of them are. You would not be attracted to this, working with these energies unless you are fairly stable and balanced.