Let me explain something. You can beginners can start off with if they’re skeptical and doubtful, can start off with a little pocket orgonite

But if you add another pyramid or a little dome or you have several of these in your house, they automatically will synchronize their frequencies. So they will act like a much more powerful organ generator and becomes a bigger unit.

So rather than buying one big one, I would almost prefer to buy several smaller ones and scan them around, have one in the bedroom, one in the living room, and one in the kitchen, and they will all synchronize their frequencies and will do a wonderful job of keeping your environment clean and give you that energy.

That’s just a buy-and-buy. And color doesn’t make a difference. Well, color is important because we do resonate with colors. That’s right. If you are attracted to a certain color, it’s because you resonate with that color. And you should go with that. It’s not absolutely necessary, but go with what feels good for you. And color is very important in our lives because of colors, too. Colors are frequent.