Orgone generators are devices that come in all sorts of shapes. I make them in pyramids. The pyramid design is favorite among many people dating back to things they’ve read about the Giza pyramid and how ancient and powerful it is. Domes are quite powerful. In fact, you can make them in any shape as long as you put certain basic materials into them crystals, metals, and resin.

Now, why do these things have to come together? The metal, for example, draws the resin since it’s organic, it’s from the Earth, it’s carbon-based. It sucks in the negative energy which is all around us as soon as it hits the metal. The metal being inorganic, reflects that energy. So now we have an attraction expansion repulsion at very high frequencies.

Now, this is chaotic energy, but when you put crystals inside this matrix, the crystals have the ability to transmute, transform this chaotic energy, smooth it, balance it out and outcomes a healing, life-enhancing energy from all orgonite. All orgone generators, all pets, all plants. Everything that’s alive in your environment wants more of this powerful positive energy, life-enhancing energy, because we have so much negative energy. So the only way we can fight this battle is to surround ourselves with some orgone generators, and different energy devices to bring us back into balance. Once we are in balance, everything works better.

You sleep better, you digest better, you eat better, you’re happier, you’re less frustrated, less depressed. Once you come into balance, the whole body works better. So that’s what these things do. And in order to experience that, you have to experiment yourself. You have to have one or two of these around and have them around for a few days and just observe, watch what happens to you.

Because definitely all living things are going to react to this energy because you will come into balance. And that’s the simplest way to explain these things. Now, the colors you use, the different substances you employ don’t matter that much. They’re mostly for aesthetic reasons. But basically you need the resin to hold it all together.

You need the metals of some kind. It doesn’t matter. It could be brass, it could be steel, it could be aluminum, it could be anything. As long as it’s inorganic, it reflects it. And crystals, any kind of crystals.

But most people use to begin with quartz crystal because it’s a receiver and a sender as well. But I use Amethyst Celine Cayenne Black terminal Pyrite in most of my organization.