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The orgone generator device is based on the Visionary/Inventor Wilhelm Reich’s theory of “Orgone” or positive life-force energy/Chi/Prana/Shakti. Unlike Reich’s “accumulators”, these devices only generate pure life energy, transmuting negative energy into positive. This creates a sense of well-being and health and supports personal and spiritual growth.



What is Orgone, Life-Force, Chi or Shakti?

This is a common question. It is the essence of life. Without it, living things die. These devices are not machines, like an electrical device. They emit a pure, primordial, natural energy.


Negative energy or “DOR” (Dead Orgone) is from such sources as people, illness, indoor or outdoor pollution, microwaves, tv’s, cell phones, computers, automotive wiring, large electrical structures, etc.


Positive life force energy or “POR” (Pure or Positive Orgone) is generated from nature.

Current Orgone technology has made Earth healing devices accessible to all individuals. These devices are all known to have positive effects for Earth healing and balancing of Etheric energies. Some effects of these devices aren’t immediately visible to the unaware beings.

The interaction of the organic resin and inorganic metal creates orgone. Further orgone production results from the piezo-electrical effects of the crystals being compressed by the resin as it shrinks during the curing.


In his studies, Reich had observed decomposing organic matter at very high magnification. He discovered small, blue energy vesicles which he termed bions.


They held very interesting properties. They emitted mostly ultraviolet light, which hurt the eyes and caused the skin to tan if one was exposed to them in large quantities for extended periods of time. They also had the effect of delaying, if not completely stopping the infestation of decomposing organic matter by bacteria and paramecium.


Reich found that this exuded energy was not confined to the vicinity of bions, but evident everywhere. It was attracted to and absorbed by organic material. Metallic substances also absorbed the energy, but quickly reflected it again. Using these properties, Reich built “accumulators” using alternating layers of metal and organic materials. These accumulators were helpful in Reich’s treatment of sick individuals. Diseases, including cancer, often went into remission with treatment of an individual in an accumulator. Even plants, in complete darkness, would develop chlorophyll and prosper inside an accumulator. Because of the beneficial qualities of this energy in treating patients who had problems achieving an orgasm, he coined the term “orgone”.


Orgone and Chi


The life-enhancing qualities of orgone energy tend to make one think of ki or chi that martial artists talk about. Orgone does have many qualities similar to ki. Eastern Medicine has long believed that diseases can be caused by a lack or blockage of ki in the body. Enabling the ki to flow correctly allows the body to heal itself. Reich wrote on breaking down barriers in the body using orgone in order to create a healing response. His cancer patients did not take medicine or have the tumors removed. They were treated with doses of orgone energy higher than normal, which then allowed the body to heal itself. From these similarities, it can be surmised that orgone energy is the same as ki life-energy.


Similar to ki, Reich found that there is both positive orgone (POR) and negative, or deadly orgone (DOR). DOR has a higher vibrational state than POR, one that is over-excited. It causes a person to feel anxious and possibly get sick if exposed too long.


Oranur Energy


There is also a vibrational state of orgone that is lower than POR, which is called oranur due to its inert state. Oranur is more rare, but also detrimental to one’s health. Anything electrical produces DOR to a varying degree. High powered microwave transmitters and nuclear reactors are some of the biggest DOR producers.

Orgone energy so far has been described by what it does and its similarities to ki. However, at the present time, that is as far as the description can be taken. One can describe the effects of gravity or magnetism, but no one currently knows the source of these phenomenon. In a similar manner, orgone energy must wait for a more complete understanding for the universe to be completely explained.




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