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Energy Art and Intuitive Fractals - Stunning and powerful, each channeled fractal contains special meaning and vibration. Soul portraits or Intuitive Essence Fractals™ are another form of art Cheryl creates from a person's aura and soul vibration.


Spiritual Classes & Workshops Vancouver - Awakening Heart, Learning and Healing Center, located in Vancouver, BC.  Classes, workshops and private sessions for personal, spiritual growth and healing. 


Hypnotherapy Schools - Vancouver, Hypnotherapy Training - Coastal Academy Of Hypnotherapy, “Helping Others To Heal” White Rock, BC.  Train to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  Registered with the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association. 


The Healing Journal is an independent publication, 100% Canadian owned. The Healing Journal is created to give inspiring and relevant information about the art and science of healing on many levels – body, mind, soul and spirit. We print 25,000 copies 6 times per year and distribute free to over 475 locations throughout British Columbia. Recent articles are available on on-line. 


Hypnotherapy Surrey Langley BC - Kim's Hypnotherapy, Quit Smoking, Lose Weight Naturally, Relationship Healing, Energy and Chakra Work and Past Life Regressions. Kim is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who can help you make the changes you need through hypnosis. Safe and quiet environment. "Helping You Find Inner Peace". 


Feng Shui Consultant Vancouver Victoria -  Balancing Essentials - Offering solutions to your health, wealth and different wellness concerns through seminars, classes and corporate, home and business consultations. Marlyna Los is a classically trained Feng Shui Consultant who travels world wide to teach and consult. Office locations - Vancouver and Victoria.


B&B - White Rock Bed and Breakfast - Step into luxury, class and elegance at Divine Awakenings, Luxurious Villa Retreat.  This bed and breakfast is located White Rock, BC - only 30 minutes from Vancouver and 10 minutes from the Washington border.  A B&B that is a step above the rest.


Sherry M. Hood - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

The Pacific Institute of Hypnotherapy

The Tao of Chow with Brent Beelby - The Tao of Chow offers a vast resource of nutrition and health information. Brent provides insightful information about diabetes and disease, healing and spirituality which came about through his own life experiences with multiple illnesses. Find guidance and information for living healthfully and bountifully.

Channeled Readings by Tracey Smith - We all have Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides that walk with us. Tracey offers intuitive readings, home readings, workshops and more. Located in Surrey, BC, she also offers intuitive readings by phone.

Intuitive Readings by Jeannie Martin - Jeannie Martin is a 3rd generation medium and has been giving readings for over 20 years. Located in the Vancouver Surrey area, Jeannie is availabe for readings in person or over the phone.










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